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About Us

One of the most iconic phrases in the worlds of excellence & pop culture, the term "Greatest of all Time" is immediately associated world wide with the legendary Muhammad Ali: arguably the greatest boxer ever & one of the most recognized persons on earth.

However, the term "GreatestOfAllTime" is also used globally in conversations & often arguments when speaking of who or what is The Greatest Of All Time in any category or topic of interest so we decided to build a platform that will grow a passionate community of individuals who want to celebrate & showcase the best of the best in the history of humanity.

Our site is dedicated to polling your opinion & that of the globe regarding who or what is the G.O.A.T/GreatestOfAllTime in what will be an always growing & evolving number of categories & sub categories in order to inspire & motivate all who visit this site.

When we created we had the vision of creating a global encyclopedia , and you and all of our readers are paramount in us achieving this awesome goal.

This is your chance to have the world see your opinion on the topics you're most passionate about while helping us to collectively create a platform that will serve as a source of inspiration full of motivational examples of what any human being can achieve when they're driven by passion & desire.

On our "all lists" page you'll find our categories and all lists. We'd love to hear from you, so drop a comment on any one of our comment sections on any one of our lists.

Be sure to Submit a list (There is a button on our homepage, and there is a link on the nav bar of our site) of whatever you are passionate about in the world! If any programmers or media experts want to join our team & contribute to the growth of this unique global platform & the mission of motivating greatness in all those who visit this website please send us a message.